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spray on bedliner Graphics can more commonly be referred to as ‘car signs’ and are a very popular and catchy form of advertisement or promotion. This enables people to ‘market their businesses on the go’ and is one of the most cost efficient and effective ways of advertising. Car signs or vehicle graphics provide additional exposure on the job.

Billboard signs on public roads, highways, malls and other areas are also effective no doubt, but they lack mobility and are cost prohibitive. They are traditional marketing tools with limited exposure. With vehicle graphics, the double benefit of mobility advertising at lesser cost is achieved. In fact, such advertising methods are proven to get more exposure and visibility than billboards because they stand out amongst other equally colorful and extravagant signboards and advertisements. In short, they become ‘mobile billboards’.

Many cities around the world have laws preventing businesses from putting up large signages in front of buildings etc. but a parked vehicle with advertising graphics is not governed by any strict regulations. A car or vehicle can go wherever required, park where space is available and be a ready marketing or promotional tool.

The term ‘vehicle wrap’ or ‘wrap advertising’ is commonly used to denote the marketing practice of partially or fully covering or wrapping a vehicle in advertising graphics. This can be achieved either by painting the entire outer surface of the vehicle in the required colors, designs and wordings or by using vinyl sheets known as ‘decals’, which can be removed and reused further reducing the costs when it comes to changing or redoing advertisements. Wrap advertising can be done or vehicles with large flat surfaces like buses, trucks and even rail carriages as well as smaller vehicles like cars.

This kind of advertising is extremely useful for professionals like architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, salesmen etc. as well as it helps to advertise their services not only in their immediate neighborhood but wherever they go. It is a sure-shot way of getting new customers or potential enquiries. Have we not seen doctors, lawyers and other professionals put a sticker on their personal vehicles to identify their profession; this not only helps identify them in cases of emergency but is a great way to advertise their services as well.

Even small and medium businesses and home businesses find that buying a vehicle and wrap advertising it is a better alternative to expensive advertisement and notice placements in print and electronic media. Even partial vehicle wraps or graphics that stand out against the base vehicle color still provide an eye catching advertising sign that is very effective.

Vehicle graphics can be of any kind – from colorful backgrounds with designer lettering and images to just company logo or contact information of the business – just as long as they project a professional image and convey the necessary information. Magnetic signs on personal vehicles are also a kind of vehicle graphic used to identify vehicles with a particular company, business or service provider.

The popular applications of vehicle graphics include cab and taxi services, caterers, fast food outlets and food services, event planners, florists, insurance companies, landscapers, media professionals, photographers, real estate agents, window cleaners and many others.

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