If the mystical teachings you are going to or intend going to is a prayer church. Once service starts, it’s all about prayer, prayer and more prayer!! They may add fellowship in some instance, then think twice and carefully leave that church, for you are missing something. The bible did not say that it was like that the first Christians worshipped.

Jesus Christ is only recognized at the breaking of bread Lk: 24-:30-35. He directed His church to break bread in His memory. Lk. 22:19. 1 Cor. 11:24-25. This His followers do on the Lord’s Day Act 2:42, and sometimes daily. Acts: 2:46. Those who do not believe in the breaking of bread as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ stopped following Christ. Jn: 6:60-66. It is his true body and true blood. 1 Cor: 11:23-25. It is now quite clear that any church which does not do the breaking of bread is openly disobeying our master Jesus Christ. They are scattering instead of building with Christ. They are not of Christ.

No matter how beautiful their sermons, their miracles, the music they play, the choir, the word of God shared, they are simply trying to cover the truth. Gal: 2:5


All through the New Testament, we see the apostles’ doctrine, but we shall take 10 of them -10 most important doctrines to survey.

1. Sin: The bible teaches that there is a greater sin Jn: 19:11, a mortal sin-sin that leads to death of soul lJn:5:16 and a sin that does not lead to death of soul lJn:5:16, but all sin is sin. Un:5:17.

2. Confession: To obtain forgiveness of sin, people confessed their sins to holy persons. Mk: 1:5, Acts: 19:18, James: 5:16. Jesus Christ gave power to his followers to forgive sin by the Holy Ghost. 1 John: 20:22-23. The teachers of false doctrines claim we need only to confess our sins to God in other to receive forgiveness. If God can heal people through other people, can he not forgive sin also through his chosen few. If your church or the church you want to attend does not follow this doctrine-better stop or don’t go to such a church again, for it is not a bible believing church, but has diluted the word of God.

3. Breaking of Bread: The Apostle Paul calls the Bread-Christ flesh and the wine-his blood. He says that those who eat it anyhow, eat condemnation and death. I Cor: 11:23-34.

Some churches say it is only a sign or symbol of Christ presence, but have no scripture to back up their claims and they go against the teaching of St. Paul. Come out of such a church that mocks the word of God.

4. Hell: If your church like the Jehovah Witness, teach that nothing like Hell exist, then you must beware of joining such a church or sect. Jesus Christ warns about Hellfire several times, Mat: 5:22, 29, and 30. And so does the scriptures. Mat: 23:15, 33, Lk: 12:5 Jas: 3:6, 2Pet:2:4, Mk: 9:43, 45.

If you are in such a church that says Hellfire does not exist, pray to God to deliver you from the hands of such anti-Christ, before it is too late and come out of such a church.

5. Purgatory: A place of purification of the soul before it can see God, for nothing impure shall see God. A place where the soul is purified as if by fire. 1 Cor: 3:13-15.

Ignorance of existence of purgatory does not mean that you would not go there and if your church is ignorant of it, then you are in the wrong place.

6. Baptism: The Apostles baptized whole households Acts: 16:15. They baptized people everywhere not only in water. Acts: 9:17-18. See Peter making the first official Baptism. Acts: 2:41.

If the Apostles preach and people believe, the next thing they do is baptize them. Jesus Christ said we must be born of water.

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