Agriculture Inventions

Agriculture as we all know is production of agri goods through the cultivation of crops and also by the massive domestication of animals. This study is called agri science. Agriculture inventions have evolved massively by the years as farming and farm machines have grown too in these years. What was done by the threshing machine for so many years has been taken over by the combine.

One of the first agriculture invention was the iron plow used a lot those days in the 1700’s. Then came the wood plow in the 1800’s and the iron plow was discontinued as the wood plow was easier and better to use. And then man had a brain wave and discovered the use of animals in farming and tamed horses and used them in the Reaper which was used in harvesting wheat and were drawn by horses.

The Reaper was a huge success as an agriculture invention. After this man discovered he could do more and a little more machinery will be more helpful and work can be done faster and on a larger scale. The cotton harvester came in the 1920’s and it was a rage in agriculture invention. This was used in harvesting wheat on a large scale and really benefited the farmer.

Before this came the grain elevator in 1840’s it was used in separating the grain from the wheat plant. Soon the cotton gin followed which was used to separate the seeds and the hulls and the other stuff not required from the cotton. This was quite a successful agriculture invention. Man also developed the corn picker.

The most revolutionary agriculture invention was the Tractor which was invented in the 1940’s. This was the time when hand power was transformed into machine power. The tractor took over all manual work which used to take lot of time and energy of the farmers. This agriculture invention took farming to a different level.

To add on major agriculture inventions fertilizers were developed in early 1900’s. This accelerated the growth of the crops and produced very healthy crops too. A little later pesticides were also produced which helped in killing all the harmful pests which destroyed the crops, so this invention brought in a lot of development in agri-products. Open geared gas tractors were also made during this time. Disk harrow which is a machine used to cut the grain stubble which is left behind in the field after harvesting is over was also a big agricultural invention. This saved a lot of manual labor and time too as a machine can work much faster than humans.

One of the latest developments in agriculture invention is the bio-technology and genetical revolution. Bio-technology and genetics have changed the face of agriculture and farming. New ways and technology has come up in farming with this revolution.

New technology of farming has been developed by scientists and agriculturalists and has been named as urban farming. This is a big step in agriculture invention. Scientists have developed new technique called “hydroponics”, where plants are grown using mineral nutrient solutions instead of the normally used soil. Another new technique is called vertical farming where agriculturalists are growing crops in skyscrapers. This saves a lot of land problems and is a new beginning and a huge step in agriculture invention.

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