Christ in You the Hope of Glory

Simple. If who is jesus had not initiated His “New Creation” between the cross and the resurrection, your body would be in no state to receive the inner dwelling of Christ. That’s right, there would be no Christ in you the hope of glory!

Indeed, for the Apostle Paul to have written these words “Christ in you the hope of Glory” your body must have been changed!

And it was! Even along with all of creation!

In reality, your body became, through the work of Christ as shared in the middle third of the gospel message, a new creation in Christ, through Christ, by Christ.

Now this new creation which you become in, through, and by Christ, is a part of the new heaven and new earth implemented by our Lord.

A new creation of both heaven and earth that must needs be accomplished before you are a fit vessel to receive the inner dwelling of Christ. Remember, there is no Christ in you the hope of glory before the cross!

(This is all foundational teaching within the middle third of the gospel of the Kingdom, that portion no longer being preached in today’s churches!)

Christ In You The Hope Of Glory!

So, consider again Paul’s writing of the words “Christ in you the hope of Glory!” but now in the context of the new creation implemented by Christ that Good Friday directly after the cross and prior to the resurrection…

Can you see the implications of “Christ in you the hope of glory”?

Can you see the context for the foundation of your becoming a fit vessel to receive the inner dwelling of the Christ?

Friend, this is your true calling… to see the full blessings of Christ as brought to you through the glorious work of Christ… even the Victory He won in the depths of Hell that Good Friday some 2000 years ago.

I can make you this promise: As you learn more of this middle third of the good news of Christ, all the Bible will begin to open up to you in powerful ways that you never before imagined possible, even as with this verse “Christ in you the hope of glory!”

And the practical power of your salvation will grow by leaps and bounds as you see more and more the practical power of Christ in you the hope of glory!

Yes, the God of all good things will cause His power to soar in you to the heights of heaven even during your sojourn here on God’s green earth.

To learn more of this great truth and what it means to you in your daily walk with the Lord, contact us today.

In the meantime, may our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, the one who first and for all mankind did complete the circuit of the underworld, shine His light upon you.

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