Decorating Your Dream House

The style of your home helps determine what the inside should look like. Homes built from Victorian houses plans Palm Beach architects and modern furniture can look silly in country style homes. This should not be a huge problem since you probably picked house plans that reflect your taste in furnishings. If you are moving from an existing home, you can utilize your old furniture in your new place. Furnishing can be more daunting if you are setting up your first home.

If you are pressed for money, look for specials at your local furniture stores where you can buy interest-free for a certain time frame. Consignment and antiques shops can have great deals as well. Your home is a work in progress. There are plenty of options in decent, low cost furniture that you can use while saving up for high quality investment pieces designed to last a lifetime.

Color plays a major role in home design. Many people play it safe and paint their walls in various shades of white. Your home built with house plans cottage can have a completely different feel if you add colors. Yellow can make a kitchen or bathroom feel sunny and cheerful. Soft blues and greens help make a bedroom more soothing. Deep reds can give a reading nook a sense of richness. You might want to paint your walls and ceilings different colors. A lighter ceiling can make a room feel taller, while a darker one makes it feel lower. Contrasting trims can make architectural features stand out. If you are not sure, you can get samples of several colors and paint small sections of your wall. A week of seeing the color on your wall can help you decide if it is one you can live with.

Once the walls are painted and the furniture is in place, you can personalize your space. Do you want your home built with luxury house plans to be minimalist in feel or full of clutter? Some people want their bookshelves mostly empty while others want them full of books and tchotchkes. Do you prefer paintings or photographs to decorate your walls? Spotlights can help emphasize pictures and items that have a particular significance to your family. An inexpensive way to add warmth to your home is to add plants. They will provide a touch of nature and help improve your home’s air quality. For those with black thumbs, realistic fake options are available to provide the mood lift greenery gives without the hassle of watering and ensuring proper sunlight. Little touches make a home a true reflection of your personality.

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