Simple Steps to Install Your LCD Televisions

LCD iptv premium are one of the hottest items on the market today, once you see one you will know why! They are great, but let’s get on with the instructions to mount these fantastic appliances. Sooner or later you are going to have to know how to do this, it is only a matter of time before you have one, and everyone is getting them. This is a two person job, so find an assistant and get ready to do a super job!

Make sure the brackets you are going use will fit the LCD TV. Some older models may not fit a newer bracket, so it would not be safe to mount the LCD television unless you can change out the bracket on the back of the television so that it is ready for wall mounting with the new bracket you will place in the wall. If the LCD television is purchased with the mounting unit, carefully read their instructions, and then get the stud finder out. You want your bracket seated into a solid piece of wood, not dry wall or fiber board. If you are a renter or leaser you need to check with the owner of the dwelling and get their permission to drill in the walls.

You will find threaded screw inserts in the back on corners and sides. The bracket and the mounting bracket on the television are seated together while bolts with nuts and washers are screwed together to keep the LCD television secure to the wall. There are models that come with the ability to tilt the television up and down and some wall mounts will slide out to move the television from side to side.

The LCD televisions come with devices such as a cable box, DVD player and Video game controls, so your televisions will need a reliable power source and all cords need to be plugged into a surge protector, just to be safe. It may be prudent to install a separate power outlet for your LCD televisions in order to lessen the possibility of an electrical surge when there are fluctuations in the power input.

Mounting close to a fireplace is not a good idea. The LCD televisions computer components like it cool. Raising the temperature above 32 degree centigrade around the television can damage these components, so be mindful of where you place the television in the room. A cooler area is perfect.

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