Synthetic Drugs and Youngsters

As if the dangers of conventional street drugs are not enough of a menace to the safety and well-being of our children, now we have to worry about the threat of Synthetic Drugs causing the same effects and addictions as wavy bars chocolate.

What are Synthetic Drugs? You might ask… Synthetic Drugs are plant material laced with Synthetic Cannabinoids (Marijuana) or manmade chemicals related to Amphetamines. The Synthetic Cannabinoids, often known as “K2” or “Spice”, are packaged as herbal incense and plant food and labeled ” not for human consumption” to mask its illicit purpose. The Synthetic Amphetamines are packaged as ” Bath Salts “. These synthetic drugs are readily available and accessible to children of all ages at some corner stores, gas stations and convenience stores.

Because of the deceptive packaging of these drugs, children can easily bring the drugs into their homes without being detected by the parents. Parents might notice the colorful packages lying around and will think these are just simple bath salts or incense so they will never suspect their children are getting high (using drugs). Parents and other family members will definitely notice their children’s erratic behavior but might not suspect any drug use, especially when the children never leave their sight once they are home.

Synthetic drugs are very dangerous and they have reached alarming rates nation wide amongst our youth. These drugs are hard to detect by the conventional drug testing methods utilized to detect other drugs. Fortunately, technology has caught up and drug testing laboratories are now providing synthetic drug testing.

The above listed signs are but a few of the many symptoms. As parents, we must remain vigilant so that our children are as far away as possible from drugs. If you suspect your child or someone in your family is utilizing drugs, explain to him/her you are concerned and take your youngster to a reliable drug testing laboratory to be tested. If the drug test results are positive, you must remain calm and promptly seek drug rehab centers to help you and your loved one in the process. The most important thing is to get all the help you need for your child.

We live in a busy world but if we have children, we need to designate a few minutes each day to communicate with them. Speaking about all the dangers of drug abuse and their negative consequences, lets them know where we stand about maintaining a drug free environment. Listen to what your children have to say to you about their daily achievements, fears and frustrations. Get to know all their friends, as well. Exchanging points of views about life with your children will create stronger family bonds and hopefully prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

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