Best 4 Ways On How To Clean Carpet

How to clean carpet? In today’s world, this should be the last thing to worry about with so many answers for how to Sperrmüll Entrümpelung Berlin carpet. There are various methods to clean carpet, but steam cleaning is considered the best. It is also known as hot water extraction method and is associated with it. There are in all 5 ways of doing steam cleaning. Out of which, the traditional method is considered the best way to clean carpets. But when this method seems inconvenient or costly, the other 4 methods are also good options to get your carpet cleaned. Below are the four methods to clean your carpet.

Foam cleaning involves the use of foam or a cleansing powder. It is applied on the stain until it dries and then the area is vacuumed. Ensure to vacuum thoroughly, not to leave any residue behind as that would cause the carpet to resoil faster.

A buffer machine is used in this case and a cleaning shampoo is applied. So the buffer releases the shampoo and simultaneously rubs the carpet. However, there is no extraction or vacuum involved which could suck the dirt up.

Dry cleaning method employs the use of a dry cleaning solution which is basically a powder that has the power to attract dirt embedded in carpet fibers. When dry cleaning, apply the powder on the carpet and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then run the buffer over the carpet to push the powder deeper in to the carpet’s padding. Then vacuum thoroughly to suck up all the dirt and powder. If any residue is left behind, it would dirty the carpet quicker.

The Bonnet method is another answer for how to clean carpet. It uses a spinning cotton bonnet which is dipped in a cleaning solution/shampoo and is placed in a buffing machine. The cotton bonnet spins at a very fast speed which helps in cleaning away the dirt and the cotton yarns catch up the stains. Once the bonnet is completely soiled, rinse it and continue to clean. Once the carpet is fully dry vacuum thoroughly to restore texture of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning is considered better than the shampoo method which only spreads the dirt rather than sucking away.

How to clean carpet is no longer a question with no simple solution. People have a wide variety to choose from depending on their carpet type, nature of stains and convenience. Cleaning aisles are full of cleaning solutions designed to cater all carpet types if you wish to do it yourself. And then the professional cleaners have a wide variety of services available specific to every type of carpet.

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