‘Crash’ Driving Courses Vs Individual Driving Lessons

Intensive driving courses (sometimes known as ‘crash’ courses) can often be seen as the quick and easy way to get a driving licence. Here are a few ‘pros and cons’ with each method to help you to decide which method of learning to New York Fake driver’s license is best for you.

An intensive driving course is basically lots of driving lessons taken over a short period of time. In many cases driving instructors provide this type of training in blocks of somewhere between 5 and 30 hours per week! This is quite a contrast to the ‘more traditional’ 1-4 hours each week.

When you learn to drive (or learn anything) over a very short period of time it can be effective for getting the ‘result’ but not necessarily the long term benefits. As a good example of this would be ‘cramming’ the night before an important exam — it might help to pass that exam, but how much of that information will you retain over the coming months and years?

On the other hand, doing some sort of ‘condensed training’ may be the best solution if you have a very limited time to learn to drive. This could be due to needing to obtain a driving licence for a job or simply having a very busy career, with little time other than ‘official’ holidays to learn to drive.

Individual driving lessons have the additional benefit of giving things a little more time to ‘sink in’ prior to your next session (an possibly even the opportunity to get in some valuable ‘private practice’ in your own car, therefore saving money in the long term.

Apart from these few things, there is your own, personal ‘learning style’ to take into consideration. Some people can simply learn better when they do lots and lots of ‘study’ in a short period of time, while others learn better with a slightly ‘more laid back’ approach (either way, people will benefit the most by enjoying themselves at the same time – therefore the method that takes the pressure off in your own situation is likely to be best).

When looking for a driving instructor to conduct your driving courses or lessons, it can often be best to find a trainer who is familiar with teaching in that style – some will specialise in crash courses – some will not – so make sure you ask the instructor before agreeing to lessons!

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