Environmental Friendly Paints For a More Sustainable Home

This is disturbing evidence considering we spend most of our time indoors. Interiors have much higher pollution levels, and toxic polyurea is a big cause of that. Airborne chemicals are released during painting, after the paint is dry, and as paint is removed. Harmful compounds in the VOC category range from formaldehyde to pesticides to cleaning chemicals. It is therefore important to choose low-VOC paints which are in any case comparable in price to other paints.

Environmental concerns and eco-consciousness have influenced home-owners to seek out paints that are low in volatile organic compounds and have minimal impact on the environment. In fact all house paints sold in the US need to follow laws regarding volatile organic compounds to ensure they release the least amount of toxic emissions.

Earlier generations of lead-based paints posed a definitive health risk. While removing old paint from walls, test for lead and if the old paint tests positive for this harmful toxin, contact a professional paint company to clear your home of this contaminant.

Painting contractors are receiving increased requests for eco-friendly paints. Major paint manufacturing companies are stocking up on environment friendly paints. Green paints that contribute to a sustainable environment are developed while conserving precious natural resources, with less energy consumption, and less pollution producing processes. Allergies or sensitivities to these paints are less and are the safest for you and for the environment

Choose house paints that do not emit toxins and contain no harmful solvents, preservatives, dryers or other irritants that can contribute to poor indoor air quality and endanger human health. In other words opt for paints that emit little or no VOC’s.

If you are looking out for house paints that care about a sustainable environment, approach a paint company that will be amenable to finding alternative materials to satisfy your eco-friendly preferences and which have a range of eco-friendly options. Custom Painting, a Bay area based painting company offers a palette of rich, warm hues using the highest quality Kelly-Moore Paints. e-coat paint by Kelly Moore contains 50 to 80 percent recycled paint. Kelly Moore developed the e-coat operating division to provide a safer, more environmental friendly way to dispose of leftover latex paints.

Custom painting undertakes paint jobs of both commercial and residential properties and uses paints that contain ‘low’, ‘minimal’ or (as classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency) ‘Zero VOC’ levels. They have been in the business for over 25 years offering quality painting solutions from its experienced team of painters, delivering customized quality painting solutions to each and every project.

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