Families Growing Their Wealth Together

As Vice President of Business Development I meet and speak with Investors,Families Growing Their Wealth Together Articles Wealth Managers and other Boca Raton architects
professionals around the U.S. and abroad. It’s my job to identify investor trends to help us stay ahead of market conditions; where they invest, what they invest in and more specifically who they invest with and why. At a recent mastermind session we discussed the strategy and importance of forging Strategic

Alliances, and the long term benefits of doing so. As entrepreneurs & businesses continue to leverage each other’s strengths, there’s a hot new trend coming out of family and wealth management
offices around the country.Families across the U.S. are combining their funds and resources to grow their portfolios, and in many cases start building a real estate portfolio. They believe that the market is bottoming out and
acquiring real estate or “hard assets” now will create the foundation for a successful and long term investment plan.

As our mastermind discussion continued, we identified several benefits associated with what we’ve now come to know is, the “Individual Joint Venture.” Some of those benefits include:

  • Multiple Acquisitions
  • Larger Acquisitions
  • Cash Flowing Acquisitions
  • Complete Check Book control of their Money

Clubs, networking events and forums are being formed (Strategic Alliances) to recruit additional partners and identify all available resources and opportunities to ensure their long term success. It’s
no longer just one deal. It is about multiple acquisitions, diversification, taking control of their financial futures.

There are pitfalls, of course (thus the need for consultants).

Families Growing Their Wealth Together Families with experience in the real estate market sector, who are now managing the money of other careful investors want, actually need to put structure and controls in place. They also need to figure out how to report to their new partners. Passive and active investors alike need to know typical terms and protect themselves and their assets legally.

Families without real estate holdings as well as those with underperforming retirement savings vehicles (401K, IRA, CD’s, Mutual Funds) see the opportunity here too, of course. They want to align themselves with smart, experienced investors and groups that have the systems, expertise and opportunities they seek.These same investors and families are now choosing HIS Capital Group as their resource and investment portal because of our: Sound value based investment strategies, reporting that provides complete transparency and accountability, along with over 110 years of combined real estate expertise. Our business continues to grow and in large part due to the Alliances we’ve establish along the way. If you haven’t talked with us yet about your investing goals, perhaps, learning why Dave Cole Nationally recognized retirement consultant and Solo 401 K expert refers his clients to us:
“During the last fifteen years of working with real estate investors I find a common challenge that almost everyone voices. Where can I find genuine investment opportunities from reliable sources?

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending HIS Capital Group. The company remains true to its core values; treating each investor with respect, providing full disclosure and remaining 100% transparent so the investor is always up to date on the progress of each project.

The last few years has taught everyone a valuable lesson. You must become a good steward of your own money. This means taking back control of both your money and your investment choices. I have no doubt that after you explore all that HIS Capital Group has available and their blue ribbon standard of doing business that you will be pleased to add their products to your portfolio. Dave Cole from Personal Success Planning, LLC”

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