What’s New at Universal Orlando and Sea World

The theme parks in the Orlando area are in a competition for attendance, and you, the visitors, are the beneficiaries because it means that you get 제주독채민박 to see new attractions each year. This year is no exception and both Universal Studios and Sea World have spectacular new rides. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you visit these theme parks.

Universal Studios has one new attraction already in place and newer mega attraction scheduled a little later in 2009. First we’ll see what is already there, and it is indeed spectacular. The Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit is a high-tech roller coaster which gives you the chance to control the sound-track and to take home a customized video of the ride.

The new ride is located on a themed movie set called “Production Central.” If you are a roller coaster lover, then pay attention to these details. The ride has a vertical, 90 degree lift that goes to a height of 167 feet. You plunge down the first drop at speeds reaching 65 mph and then your Rockit will enter what Universal calls a “Double Take.” The Double Take is a 136 feet tall non-inverted loop. You remain upright right at the point when you would have expected to be inverted. The process is then reversed when the car switches back to the inside loop of the Double Take.

Other features of the new coaster are specially shaped areas such as the Treble Clef, a section of track shaped like a musical notation. There is also the Jump Cut, spiral plunge that will flutter your stomach with negative-Gs, and the Crowded Surfer, a banked flyover. The “Drop Tuning” is a dive through an underground tunnel and the Plot Twist is a final banked turn which brings your Rockit back to the station.

Not to be outdone by Universal, Sea World unveiled its own new roller coaster this year. It is Manta, a themed flying coaster. What do they mean by flying? You are harnessed in a prone position and you can soar through the sky without holding on to anything.

Roller coaster fans always want to know the vital statistics of any new roller coaster, and here they are: This coaster is 140 feet tall and the first drop is 113 feet. The top speed is 56 MPH and the length of the track is 3359 feet. The rides lasts for 2:35.

As we said, this is a themed roller coaster and the Manta Ray theme is evident in a variety of ways. The cars are shaped like rays with a wingspan of 12 feet. The Manta’s pre-ride queue is set amidst viewing tanks with waterfalls and you can get underwater views of several species of rays, sea dragons and fish. At the bottom of the ride, the cars skim along the lagoon and create a picturesque plume of water.

Be prepared to get wet on this coaster.) So, Sea World did it, they combined a thrilling roller coaster with the marine life theme of their park.These are two standout rides at two of Orlando’s most popular theme parks. If you are in Central Florida this summer, be sure to check them out.

For those who love aquatic wildlife, Sea World has always been the pioneer theme park for these kinds of attractions. It gives you a look on what are the attractions that you can enjoy with these creatures. It educates everyone not only with how they live, but also the proper care and preservation of these animals. The core attraction of this theme park are the exhibits of these fascinating sea creatures. Here is the third installment of the exhibits that you might want to visit.

Turtle Point – This slow moving reptiles are some of the luckiest animals that have graced this theme park. Over 300 of these endangered species are saved and now they are being viewed in this life like lagoon that includes lush vegetation, sand dunes and even their own beach.

Penguin Encounter – These south pole creatures have their own icy surroundings here in Sea World. These birds love to play from racing through water or the using their waddle to make you laugh. Their artificial place is a chilly 30 degrees below zero same as the swimming area of 45 degrees. There is even more than five thousand pounds of snow falling daily on their chilly environment to create a natural habitat for these wonderful creatures.

Shamu’s Happy Harbor – An area that is perfect for children that can be accompanied by their parents. Their first coaster the Shamu Exprees and other rides like Jazzie Jellies and Swishy Fishies makes you feel like a kid all over again. Even toddlers are not exempted as they have their own play area for them to enjoy.

Dolphin Nursery – This area of the park is a bit different from the cove. It allows kids to view a wonderful phase of life. These dolphin mothers are accompanied by their calves as you can see the love and care that these wonderful creatures show to visitors. The dolphin moms nurture their calves with learnings that would be with them for the rest of their lives. From jumping, playing and communicating, these calves acquire so much knowledge from their mothers through some vocalizations and clicks.

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